Our Reports

A PrimeInsights® digital report is displayed on an interactive tablet.

Up-to-date evidence at the point of decision making

Proper cancer treatment must start with what the evidence supports. But the evidence is complicated and evolving rapidly.

Through clear and concise information, PrimeInsights® aligns molecular test results with associated therapies based upon up-to-date medical evidence, allowing for efficient identification of the most appropriate treatments.

Coverage policy information within each report further streamlines the authorization process, reducing administrative inefficiencies for clinicians and payers.

Next-Generation Reporting

  • Compares patient test results against the latest peer‑reviewed literature
  • Integrates easily into the existing workflow for labs, clinicians and payers, including existing Electronic Medical Record systems
  • Presents treatment options and corresponding evidence levels to identify appropriate treatments
  • Keeps clinicians and payers up-to-date with evidence from peer-reviewed literature, making the latest science relevant at the point of decision making
  • Enables the design of coverage policies around the latest evidence, streamlining processing and making reimbursement more predictable