Oncologists today face real challenges in applying precision medicine at the point of care. The explosion in the number of genetic markers and available tests make it nearly impossible to cognitively keep up and consistently apply the highest standard of care. Oncologists need support in real-time to answer:

“Which molecular test do I order?”

“Where do I order from?”

“How to I interpret the results?”


Our new Precision Medicine Advancement Program is helping answer those questions with the support of our innovative, diagnostic technology Trapelo.


This limited-time, tiered program enables leading cancer centers and community practices to begin implementing precision medicine, and develop a program at their own pace with consistency and knowledgeable support.

Enables you to:

  • Ensure every oncologist across your network is consistent in their use of precision medicine

  • Streamline complex processes of molecular test ordering, lab selection, results interpretation and treatment selection

  • Eliminate traditional prior authorization, speeding care when time matters most

Pursue Precision Oncology with Confidence


FPO: "The stakes have never been higher. Implementing precision medicine is no longer just a possibility, it is practically imperative. Cancer patients can’t wait.”                                    – Dr. Michael Caligiuri, president City of Hope National Medical Center

Dr. Caligiuri's 3-min video: will include text to encourage views...

Choose the tier that’s right for your organization:


Introductory Subscription*

Sign up within 30 days, and you can start using Trapelo’s complete lab order management system right away to help oncologists order the right tests from any molecular lab in our wide network. Practices must submit at least 10 tests per month. Test results are presented in PDF/paper form just like they are today.


Configurable Subscription

We will configure the system to meet your practice preferences, and you will receive decision support, the ability to customize for your preferred labs, and access to Trapelo’s digital dashboard that enables everyone in the practice to access actionable, enhanced reporting.


Enterprise Subscription

Enjoy full access to Trapelo tools and insights, integrated with your EMR and payer preferences to obviate traditional prior authorization.


*This offer is only available for a short time, so contact us today to see how your practice can get started.

Precision medicine is helping, at best, only a few percent of the nearly 2 million people who are diagnosed with cancer in the U.S. each year, and the fraction is much smaller among the 17 million cancer patients worldwide.


Source: Newsweek Magazine on closing the Precision Medicine gap

“Oncologists incorrectly matched the molecular alteration to the targeted therapy … in up to 69% [of cases]. This reflects a large knowledge gap among community Oncologists with regards to the correct application of MP [molecular profiling] to currently FDA-approved targeted therapies.”


Source: Bhavana Singh, MD, MSc, MedStar Georgetown University Hospital, ASCO 2019 abstract

What was recently impossible for busy practices is practically imperative.


Learn more about The Precision Medicine Advancement Program

and how it can complement your existing precision medicine initiatives

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