How can you administer, manage and confidently demonstrate quality precision medicine in your practice?

Trapelo knows.

Trapelo is the first, single technology platform to enable the delivery of value-based care in precision medicine through real-time decision support. Through greater accountability, transparency and alignment in the decision-making process, Trapelo gives patients the best chance to beat cancer. It also alerts oncologists and patients earlier in the process if there is a clinical trial that may be appropriate.


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“73% of oncology leaders have some concern that their oncologists may not always select either the most appropriate molecular tests or the most appropriate targeted therapies (63%) for their patients.”– The Academy: Quantitative Survey Analysis, 2017

Trapelo for Oncology Practices is:


  • Comprehensive
    Provides cancer centers a technology framework that leverages the most up-to-date clinical evidence while supporting their own best practices

  • Value-based
    Provides necessary standardization and process-tracking, allowing practices to demonstrate their compliance with sound, evidence-based applications of precision medicine—a competitive advantage in the world of value-based care

  • Collaborative
    Assures that each molecular test ordered meets clinical, evidence-supported standards and factors payor reimbursement policies into lab order workflow, obviating the need for traditional prior-authorization

  • Cost-effective
    Enables Practice Managers to eliminate prior authorization and insurance appeals while tracking data, analyzing the practice, and evaluating business operations to generate more revenue

  • Patient-centered
    Allows practices to standardize the precision medicine decision and lab order process across all oncologists and labs, lowering the risk of missing a patient who may benefit from molecular testing, targeted therapies or clinical trials

"We're looking get a high degree of safe, effective, timely, best-of-practice care across our entire enterprise. Trapelo allows us to have a secure recommendation about what to do next, especially in the age of molecular oncology when we're looking to order the right test at the right time on the right patient for the right disease."

Michael A. Caligiuri, M.D., President,

City of Hope National Medical Center

How can we resolve the complexities of using precision medicine for cancer care?

Trapelo knows.

See Trapelo for oncology practices
Experience our evidence-supported knowledgebase and order management platform for all major cancer types first-hand.


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