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August 12, 2019  |  BioWorld MedTech
Data seen as replacing policy as coverage tool for precision medicine

The era of big data might still be in its infancy, but payers are already dealing with a deluge of bits and bytes that threatens to overwhelm their ability to keep up with recent developments in medical science. Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights Inc., of Burlington, Mass., told BioWorld MedTech that payers are starting to see the light when it comes to reacting to data that suggest a shift in coverage policy, but that over time, payers will replace those fixed policies with a data-driven approach that adapts to patients' needs in real time.

Taylor said the company opened its doors for business roughly eight years ago, adding, "we started by providing information that helps molecular testing labs provide an enhanced report" that spells out the association between a gene and a disease. The company's vision was expanded in 2017 to aid health care professionals and payers trying to work through the complexities of precision medicine in oncology, with an eye toward making clinicians comfortable using molecular medicine and ensuring payers that they aren't covering something that isn't appropriate for that patient.

July 26, 2019  |  Healthcare IT News
Physicians are key to making precision medicine investments pay off

As the practice of tailoring technology-driven treatment plans for each patient takes hold, physicians are being asked to make more specific decisions than ever before.

Finding the best care for a patient can be a constantly moving target. The number of stakeholders, the constant advance of new information and treatment options and the nuanced demands of different payers make for a maze of complexities to navigate. In the field of oncology, for example, nobody but a specialist could be expected to keep up with the growing wealth of knowledge in the treatment of individual cancers.

Yet most patients are treated by general oncologists who may not be abreast of every best course of action for specific conditions. These practices might not know which treatments a patient could be pre-approved for, or which payers are most likely to compensate and for what.

As the practice of tailoring precision medicine plans for each patient takes hold, physicians are being asked to make more specific treatment decisions than ever before.

"You have labs, you have payers, you have providers and you have pharma – and they’re all interested in what the doctor is about to do with a patient," said Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights, which makes a tool called Trapelo that helps streamline treatment and payment options.

June 21, 2019  |  American Journal of Managed Care
Removing the Barriers to Improve the Use of Diagnostic Tests for Precision Cancer Care

Currently, the number of patients who are actually utilizing precision cancer care treatments is small, but it is growing fast. As that happens, physicians will need to get comfortable with ordering the right tests, explained Clynt Taylor, chief executive officer of Intervention Insights, and Lee Newcomer, MD, formerly of UnitedHealth Group.

May 10, 2019  |  Journal of Clinical Pathways 
Intervention Insights Offers Platform for Streamlining Molecular Testing, Prior Authorization Processes
At the Association of Community Cancer Centers Annual Meeting and Cancer Center Business Summit, the Journal of Clinical Pathways' Zachary Bessette spoke with Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights, about a new platform designed to cater to the needs of providers, molecular labs, and payers in the testing and ordering of appropriate targeted therapies for patients with cancer.
April 29, 2019 |  Big3Bio 
Spotlight: Precision Medicine Decision-Making Support for Oncologists
Big3Bio’s Marie Daghlian spoke with Intervention Insights CEO Clynt Taylor to find out how Trapelo came to be and how it fits in the evolving precision medicine landscape.
April 26, 2019  |  Health Innovation Matters Podcast
Precision Medicine in Oncology with Clynt Taylor
Host Robin Smith, MD chats with Clynt Taylor, CEO of Intervention Insights, about the difficulties in finding the latest treatment options for his father’s particular subset of cancer; why we can’t ignore the payer, and how the Trapelo platform marries clinical trial data and lab tests to help figure out the optimal treatment for the patient.
April 17, 2019  |  BioIT World Conference and Expo
Trapelo wins "Best of Show: Patient-focused software" at BioIT
April 15, 2019  |  MD+DI Digital Health
Tackling Precision Medicine with a New Kind of Decision Support
March 13, 2019  |  PR Web
Intervention Insights CEO Clynt Taylor to Present at Boston Oncology Investor Conference
February 1, 2019  |  Genome Web
Precision Medicine Platform for Oncology Aims to Streamline Molecular Testing, Therapy Decision-Making
December 17, 2018  |  Health Data Management
Decision support tool helps City of Hope docs find answers quicker
December 5, 2018  |  IT News Online 
First Application of Trapelo™ Clinical Decision Support Platform Enhances
Precision Medicine Program at World-renowned Comprehensive Cancer Center
November 19, 2018  |  Becker's ASC Review   
Intervention Insights CEO: 3 ways to reform prior authorization processes
November 1, 2018  |  Becker's ASC Review
Intervention Insights CEO: 3 ways prior authorization burdens patients & practices
October 31, 2018  |  Becker's ASC Review
Intervention Insights CEO: 4 issues with traditional prior authorization processes

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