Our Solution

Two oncologists collaborate over a patient's PrimeInsights® report.

Optimizing the outcome before the treatment begins.

Intervention Insights is your single source for the most current evidence in molecular oncology, creating a collaborative decision support platform for testing, treatment and payment.

Through careful and constant curation, Intervention Insights is able to keep our partners up-to-date with the latest medical evidence, including how it relates to each individual patient.

Unprecedented collaboration and connectivity

PrimeInsights® enables physicians, payers and labs to connect and collaborate on an evidence-based platform.
  • Physicians can quickly identify appropriate treatments for patients through actionable, evidence‑based reports.
  • Payers can establish evidence-based coverage policies, bringing predictability and efficiency to authorization and reimbursement.
  • Labs can perform comprehensive, evidence-based molecular testing, supporting the delivery of high-quality patient care.