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Season 2
Dr. John Quackenbush: Using Massive Data to Approach Precision Medicine Beyond Simple Mutations

In this first episode of season two, Dr. John Quackenbush discusses his approach to understanding what makes cancer cancer by studying entire gene networks rather than simple mutations. Dr. Quackenbush is Chair of the Department of Biostatistics at Harvard University's T.H. Chan School of Public Health and one of the first people to have worked on the Human Genome Project.

Listen here

Airdate: 01.09.20   |   Length: 24:10

Dr. Selin Kurnaz of Massive Bio Explains the Need to Operationalize Patient Support in Precision Cancer Care

Dr. Selin Kurnaz, CEO and cofounder of Massive Bio talks with us about the importance of increasing patient accessibility to clinical trials, FDA changes that affect clinical trial matching and the challenge of harmonizing disparate healthcare data for better patient careListen here

Airdate: 12.19.19   |   Length: 11:52

YouScript CEO Kristine Ashcraft on Advancing Precision Medicine by Breaking Down Information Silos

In this episode, we talk with Kristine Ashcraft, founder and CEO of YouScript, a platform that synthesizes all evidence impacting drug response, including pharmacogenetic testing, to support doctors and pharmacists in making faster, more proactive decisions at the point of care. Listen here

Airdate: 11.21.19   |   Length: 22:30

Expanding the Reach of Precision Medicine: Dr. Bruce Johnson former ASCO President and DFCI Leader Shares His Platform

Dr. Bruce Johnson, Chief Clinical Research Officer from the Dana Farber Cancer Institute, joins us to discuss how recent advances in treating rare cancers can help drive the understanding and expansion of precision medicine. Listen here

Airdate: 11.08.19   |   Length: 24:26

Can Precision Medicine Be a Win-Win for All Stakeholders? Dr. Edward Abrahams of The PMC Believes It’s Possible

Dr. Edward Abrahams is President of the Personalized Medicine Coalition (PMC). Here, we discuss the evolution of precision medicine and the value it can bring to all stakeholders, including innovators, scientists, patients, providers, and payers. Listen here

Airdate: 10.25.19   |   Length: 20:49

Dr. Erica Stringer-Reasor Shares Her Expertise on Precision Medicine Advancements in Breast Cancer 

In honor of breast cancer awareness month, Dr. Erica Stringer-Reasor joins us to discuss how breast cancer has led the way in the adoption of precision medicine. Dr. Stringer-Reasor is an expert in the field of breast cancer, a fast-rising star in cancer research and Assistant Professor of Hematology Oncology at the University of Alabama, Birmingham. Listen here

Airdate: 10.09.19   |   Length: 18.21

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